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Golden-pvpz Empty
PostSubject: Golden-pvpz   Golden-pvpz EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 9:35 pm

Golden-pvpz is a great private server, it has working godwars.fightcave, working emotes. party hats. chaotic weponds. and spirit shields. you can kill corp to get a drop of a sigil for making spirit shields. or u can sell for 500m+. frendly staff. we dont have much people right now. but hopefully advertising this will get us more members. and the good thing is the server is up 24/7 for free you dont need to donate. and there is torva armor. and other awesome stuff to choose from. so if u think this sounds like a great server goto rs-ps.org/play.php?server=golden-pvpz put http in front of that i guess, cause it woudlnt let me put.
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